Emergency Medical Technician Salary

Hi Emergency Medical Technician Salary, work for emergency accident situations. They apply first aid kit and carry injured people to the hospital. Emergency medician technicians should educate from health school that confirmed by ministry of health. Emergency medician technician salary depends on ministry all over the world. Thats why emergency medical technicians are very important and special for a country.

Emergency medician technicians should know that what they do with emergency situations. This persons are very special for the health section. They can survive injured people untill they reach to the hospital.  Most people can survive thanks to their intervention. Emergency medical technicians see an accident firstly and apply for first aid kit. This is very important for the injured people. It is very difficult duty. Normally emergency medical technician salary is combining with extra payment like extra constant payment, meal payment, extra work hours payment.

An emergency medical technician takes 12.11 dollars per hour and 36.556 average annually in the USA. Sometimes salaries can increase till 42.000 yearly with extra payments. This situations depend on perform of the emergency medical technicians. Emergency medical technician salary can increase but cant decline. Because they are depend on the ministry of health. Even if salary change from country to country.

If needs to give example emergency medical technician salary in Turkey as average 2400 TL. But this salary changes with extra offers like extra working hours, extra constant time. Salary can reach to 3000 TL with this extra offers in Turkey. Emergency medical technicians work long hours and can get extra payment. Their salaries can be higher than the other professions. Their salaries can change according to if they work for private hospital or goverment hospital. Private hospital provide higher salaries. Most emergency medical technicians prefer private hospital with this reason. At the same time to work fort he goverment hospital is safer than the private hospitals.

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