Paramedics vs EMT Salary

Hi, Paramedics vs EMT Salary  isnt same profession, there are lots of comparisons and if you choose medical section, you should to know this differences. At the same time salaries also change according to these differences. Paramedics vs EMT salary isnt same amount. But firstly lets look differences between both seperate section. Paramedics apply first intervention for the injured people and emergency medical technicians can administer some oxygen and something like that.

The emergency medical technicians work at the hospital generally. When we ho to the hospital they see us firstly and they can give injection for us. Paramedics work in ambulance generally. They are on the ways generally. When an accident happend, they reach there firstly. Paramedics can interfere about every conditions.

Paramedics vs EMT salary is different bebacuse of the differences below. For example whike an EMT earn 30.000 usd per year but paramedics earn 38.000 usd yearly. Of course there are differences with working hours. Paramedics work 1200-1800 hours yearly but emergency medical technicians work 120-500 hours. Thats why this situation create some differences between them. Paramedics vs EMT salary may change according to location or countries. This difference is about long ways and economical situations. Emergency medical technicians or paramedics can increase their salary with extras and bonus.

Paramedics vs EMT salary may increase with some extra constant, meal or extra working hours. They work with high salary generally. They work long hours and under hard conditions. Even if the salary change from country to country, they work with high salary generally.

If ve give an example emergency medical technicians earn 3000 tl in Turkey and paramedics 4000-6000 tl montly. When they work with extras, salary may increase. This is very good salary in Turkey conditions. The economical situation is same almost all over the world. Paramedics or EMT are important and special for people.

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