Whats an EMT ( Emergency Medical Technicians )

Hey, Whats an EMT ( Emergency Medical Technicians ) , means emergency medical technician. Emergency medical technicians study in some health school and than get train in some hospitals. After that they have a licence about paramedic. Technicians learn to use some equipments about health in ambulance or outside in an accident. When an accident happend we call paramedics immediately. They come and help us. They save our lives. So they are very important people for us. When you ask whats an EMT, the response can be very long. Because they do a lot of things for us.

Emergency medical technician should know lots of things about medical care rightly. When they know wrong even one thing, injured people may lost their life. Because of this whats an EMT question has very large response. They get education very long time and more important thing is they should like their job. If they dont like their job, it is dangerous injured people. We have to trust them. They should know to use first aid kit rightly. They should interfere on the right way. EMT paramedics works on ways generally. They are who see an accident firstly. So they should be coldblooded and calm people. This is the most important property for them.

Whats an EMT question that we see often on the net or somewhere today. This is wondered by the people. Because we know that paramedics work very hard and they are very important for goverments and country. At the time of natural disasters we see them firstly. They save our lives. We can see the response everywhere of whats an EMT question.

Emergency medical technicians get train at the hospitals firstly and after that they have experiences. They should be perfect in their profession. They save life thats why they should do their profession perfect. They should be quality paramedics.

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